Premium Sex Machine Wire-controlled Love Machine With Dildo

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HIGH POWER MOTOR:50 watt mute turbine alternator,never stop when penetrating
0-90 DEGREE ANGLE ADJUSTABLE :It can be adjusted within a certain range at will
DISASSEMBLY DESIGN: Easy to carry around and store in house
BROWN PACKING:No senstive information on the box,avoiding unnecessary embarrassment

Packaging Include:
1 x Main Machine
2 x 40cm & 25cm T Type Chroming Iron Support Rods
1 Strong Lock Pump Insert Rods
1 x Power Supply
1 x Speed governor
1 x US Plug line
1 x 6mm hex wrench
1 x User Manual
1 x Dildo

Power Input: 110V-240V 50-60HZ
Output:DC 12-24V 1~2V
Speed: 0-5 r/s
Back and Forth Part Move Distance:0-6.5cm
Adjusting Angle: About 90 degree
Machine dimensions: Approx 14.6*7.1*5.9inches

NOTE: 1*Do not let the dildo go too deep,or try to get hold of it,pull it back whenever it stoped, it would pick up speed again.
2*Please use 1% Benzalkonium,Bromide or 75% medical alcohol to disinfect,before you use it.
3*In order to facilitate cleaning and sanitation, suggestions to wear a condom on the penis ban minors use!
4*It's necessary to use some lubricant,to improve your sexual experience.
5*Please wash all the accessories before you use it,there may some smell,it will gone after wash it,if you care much about that, please think it over before place your order.


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Don't mess around with other products, get this and you will not regret it!!!

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Well, you cannot imagine how quiet it really is! WOW! This is the first time I\'m ordering that kind of product, but let me tell you this, I read a lot of positive feedbacks about that machine and nothing can describe how really great it is! AMAZING, as simple is that! Ultra-Quiet motor even on full speed! it\'s almost SOUNDLESS. really. this is the BEST money-value you can get! and the seller, very helpful, answered all of my questions, shipped the item real quick and best delivery. Well-packed and everything works PERFECT!!! if you see this feedback and hesitate about the purchase (assuming you want this) don\'t hesitate to take action, the item and the seller are both GREAT!!!!

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Satisfied with purchase

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Amazing machine i love it very much!!! It is very quiet even at full speed, total control of the speed, it stands on a solid footing, This machine will not move. This is the best price I found for this machine, even if you try you can\'t build one like this for this price. The versatility of the speed, stroke length and verity of attachments makes this machine worth every penny. There is no point in buying a machine with a lesser stroke, very compact and easy to store away.The seller is very quick to answer questions. This is the machine to buy from this seller.

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