Review for "Male Masturbation Cup Masturbator for Male Masturbation in Black"


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A fun little toy.

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I was skeptical that I would fit into this thing, but after applying just a small amount of lube, I was able to fill it up nicely. It\'s a little weird using this toy, because you HAVE to remember to slide the little air "switch" at the bottom of the cup, or you won\'t be able to "pump" it. But it does feel nice. Nothing like the real thing, but still fun. Some people might get distracting by the sounds made from the air pumping out of the cup, but it doesn\'t take away from the pleasure this can give you.
A major plus is how easy it is to clean up after use. Some toys are an absolute nightmare to clean, requiring you to do all kinds of crap to make sure you don\'t leave any... mess... inside the toy. But with this, you can just remove the sleeve, and run water through the opening (it comes out the little hole at the bottom), and then just lightly toy dry, and then insert the sleeve back into the cup. So easy!