Virgin Pussy Ass Doll -3D Realistic Silicone Masturbator Ass Vagina Anal for Male Masturbation Sex Toys

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Dual Entries Pussy Ass Male Stroker Design: 3D Sexy Lady's mini Lotus Pussycat and Butt ass in one. Have Dual Entries. You can enjoy more.
Healthy Materials: Use medical Silicone, soft & phliable material, non-toxic, odorlessness safely use.
Compatible with Muti-Lube : Compatible with both water based and silicone based lubricants.
Easy Clean: The material is of medical silicone, free of latex and phthalate. Velvety, smooth and perfectly formed, it also extremely stretchy, soft and easy to clean
Discreet Packing: All adult sex product come in discreet standard packing, Keep your privacy in strictest confidential.

Copy from a real women .
Use Healthy soft materials, no harms to people use
In secret package, no one will know what's inside.
Have two different channels to enjoy
The ass has a breathe hole in the end.
This Sex Masturbator compatible with both water based and silicone based lube.

The Sex Toy have two different Channels, You can try different ways ,
Put the vibrating love egg (not included) into back channel to warm the toy, then insert into the front channel to enjoy.
Put the vibrating love egg (not included) into front channel to warm the toy, then insert into the back channel to enjoy.
Use vibrating egg or some others to warm first, then enjoy the two channels.

When you need her ?
1. when you willing to improve your skills, it can use as a trainer;
2. when your wife/girlfriend not at your side, she will confort you;
3. when your wife/ girlfriend in Physiological period,you may need her;
4. when your wife is pregnant, you need her;
5. Also she can as a special gift for your close friend.

Keep it clean and before and after use;
Better use it with lube;
Wash, dry and save it carefully;

Product Details
Color: Juie Pussy Ass
Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches ; 3.7 pounds
Shipping Weight: 3.8 pounds


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Extreme realism, also fun for oral simulation

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I honestly was not expecting much from this, and I\'m very pleasantly surprised. I have experience with several other similar toys. I own a "flesh" one, as well as a cheaper version of similar. This toy is definitely my new favorite. There\'s an important difference between this and the style toys... with those you\'re just using them on yourself, with this you\'re really able to simulate the real action (I\'m trying not to be graphic). This looks and feels very real.
This is a quality toy. I have the \'Julie\' model. First I\'ll say, this is lifesize,looking down it looks like the real thing. Probably the only thing thats not perfect about it is the coloring of the lips (the one I got was very pink). Otherwise the shape and the feeling are great. like the pubic mound, and the rear entry ... perfect. Using fingers on this toy feels very real. It stretches similar to the real thing. Because the feeling is so real, its even a fun to play with if you enjoy practicing oral... close your eyes, and imagine pleasuring anyone you want.
This is a nice heavy material it will stay put. The texture is perfect. Its not plasticy at all, not rubbery, has no smell. When its warm, it is honestly very much like skin. It has a sort of velvety texture and it has very similar density to the real thing. I think I said \'real\' a hundred times...for a reason.
There\'s also a small hole that comes out the other end, if you\'re large you\'ll poke out the back, but honestly I kinda like that, plus it makes cleanup easier. The interior has a nice natural ribbed sort of texture, very similar to the real thing. I\'m well endowed and this fits nicely, just like real as the real thing, its tight but not constrictive. I enjoyed using the rear-end while rubbing the lips, this is something I\'m usually not able to fit into in real life.
You\'re gonna want to put it on the bed so you can lay on top of it, lube it up good, and once you\'re inside its easy to forget its not the real thing.

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