Review for "Waterproof G Spot Vibrator for Men & Women Discreet Packaging"


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This is a nice one!

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I love it! Very strong, nice material and is easy to handle. I love the way it feels in my hand. There are 10 modes to get you to pure pleasure. I love all of the options... its fun and you can spend a lot of time trying different variations.
The G-Spot can be difficult to find and continually stimulate... but it some of the best magic ever. This makes it easy... I like to have my husband do it though, when I use it for gspot stimulation, it takes me a bit long. I have to say again, I love this material, it feels nice and smooth and nut rubbery. The large ripples in the shaft feel really good as well. I\'d got this vibrator to assist in our bedroom fun because my husband has been working long hours and has been low on energy.